Nolan and Evan take on the ASICS LA Marathon

A good college friend, Rolf Henriksson, challenged my son Evan and myself to raise money and tackle the Charity Relay. Rolf was the chair of the LA Marathon effort for Train 4 Autism and he did a great job serving as coach, mentor, and host for the weekend.

The race day began at the crack of dawn as we left for the race at 4:00 AM (PST) to catch the buses from Santa Monica to Dodger Stadium, the start. Once we arrived at the stadium, the Train 4 Autism group had a suite so we got to hang out there before the race and meet the wonderful people from T4A. Evan really like looking at Dodger Stadium from that angle.

Also, we got to spend some time looking at all the Dodger memorabilia in the suite area. Around 6:15 AM, we ventured to the starting corral. We were in the general corral and the place was very crowded since they had over 25,000 runners participating.

The runners were very friendly and Evan received a lot of high fives from them since he is only 10 years old! Our corral was very full and we waited for awhile for the start. The gun went off at 7:25 AM. It took us about 5 minutes to cross the start line and then we were off running through the streets of LA.

The beginning race temperature was in the mid 60's and was gradually getting hotter. We spent the first 2 miles weaving around runners as we passed them by. I had to slow Evan down in the beginning since I did not want him to go out to fast.

All along the course, people were "high fiving" and offering us kind words of encouragement.

The race took us through many historic LA spots which included Little Tokyo, Hollywood, Sunset Blvd, the Disney Theater, Hollywood Star Walk of Fame, and the Chinese Theater. Since we were just doing the half (13.1 miles) our race ended a little after the Chinese Theater.

Since the heat was above 70 degrees, we stopped at all the water stops to ensure that we were not dehydrated. Despite the water stops, the zig-zagging between other runners, and log jams at the water stops and tight turns, Evan ran a 2:12:23 (10:05/mile). This was a personal best for him by over 65 seconds (and if the old man didn't hold him back he might have run faster!)

Evan and myself trained and ran hard knowing it was a for a good cause.

So to sum up, without the generous financial support of our family and friends we could not have raised over $750 to support Autism related charities which directly help those who have Autism and their families.

This is meaningful to both Evan and myself since we both volunteer our time to help people who are Autistic as well as have friends who are touched by Autism. We raised money for Train 4 Autism which sponsors teams to compete in endurance events to raise money.

Please considering helping us reach our $800 goal today by making a donation (any amount is appreciated) at our Feintuch's Fundraising page.

Evan told me after the race that he wanted to do it again! I will probably not be able to keep up with him as well. Our next big race is the Peachtree Road Race where Evan qualified for time group 1A and me being the slow poke is in time group 1B.

Until next time,

Evan and Nolan

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