When your legs get tired, run with your heart!

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By: Trang 4 Autism

I have to admit, I have a runner’s high. They say this “high” happens when endorphins are released in our brains and leaves us feeling “euphoric” aka happy.

As humans, we all seek happiness in our lives whether it’s through contentment, self love or living a life filled with passion. It has been said that the world mirrors love and compassion back at you.

Nothing will help you find compassion within yourself and for others like coming face to face with people who have much less materially and way bigger problems than you.

I met a new friend at mile 4 of the Long Beach Half Marathon on October 12, 2014 after she had fallen and a group of us helped her back on her feet. I knew she needed me just as much as I needed her to finish. She asked me what my expected time was, I responded, "When we finish together - that's a promise." Although she had a disability (cerebral palsy), my new friend never gave up. When our legs got tired, we ran with our hearts. We pushed through and finished strong together.

Being kind, persevering with the struggles of life, being grateful for what you have, letting go, and doing the right thing is what makes life blissfully rich.

I practice progress, not perfection. I encourage you to do the same.

Build meaningful human connections by meeting new people and seeking support from others in everyday life this will help you feel more connected to the world. Give and take compliments, show compassion, find common ground, and be courtesy to all.

Next on my bucket list is the 2015 ASICS LA Marathon (Yes, I’m 26.2 miles crazy, but sightseeing LA will be well worth it) and Ragnar with my Blue Crew (Train 4 Autism). Join us! Not only will you be pushed to your limits, but also it will ensure that you don’t slack off on your training.

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