Year of #25 & Good Dog

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By: Shelly Overton

Each year I try to have a goal in mind, not all do I share.

2014 wasn't one of the non sharing years. A couple years ago I had the opportunity to meet a very nice couple who was starting a nonprofit. They had a wonderful companion named Orbit. I fell in love with Orbit, who just happen to have 4 legs and a tail. He was their son's autism companion. Their nonprofit is Good Dog Autism Companions.

When I started 2014 I wanted to do something different as I was going to be hitting a milestone and wanted to make it really special. I decided I would fundraise for Good Dog. I will always wear my Train 4 Autism blue, but I wanted help bring awareness to such a great organization that helps families in such a special way.

Good Dog! Autism Companions provides more love & acceptance in lives of children with autism, their families & the larger community through autism service dog companionship.

Good Dog! serves families by raising and training autism service dogs for the specific needs of each child/family and by providing education, support and assistance in their fund raising efforts.

They also serve parents of children living with autism by providing free unbiased information about the autism service dog arena and assisting them in making just the right decision for their child and their family.

Good Dog! also serves children with autism in the community by orchestrating meet and greets with Good Dogs.

The milestone I hit this year was my 25th half marathon. I chose to participate in the Monument Half Marathon in Scottsbluff Nebraska. Where? You ask, the land of my fore fathers, the place I was born and my family has lived for over 100 years. When I did my first half marathon in 2007, I would not have even thought 25 was possible.

While the race didn't go exactly as I expected, I loved having family ( who have never seen me at race) there at the finish. Always thankful for my cousin Vickie, who started this craziness, I couldn't have finished without her. Honored to wear the T4A blue and my Good Dog patch. If one person asks me about Train 4 Autism or Good Dog, then I'm spreading awareness.

I love being a part of Train 4 Autism, always proud of the awareness we create, the opportunities we offer athletes to help them bring awareness and fund raise for the organizations of their choice.

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